Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My son is gay.

I have been 98% sure of this for at least 3 years. When I read on his Facebook profile that he's "in a relationship" I knew without a doubt. I also knew he needed me to ask who the relationship is with, so I did...I took the bait knowing full well what was in store. I had been wondering how to approach the subject with him, and I'm so thankful we can talk openly about this now. What a relief! He feels relieved too, knowing that his whole family loves him and accepts him just as he is. (Not sure about the extended family...we're not having a coming out party or anything, so we will deal with grandmas and grandpas on a "need to know" basis I guess).

A friend at work today pulled me aside and told me she knows about my son, and it doesn't change how she feels about him at all. She loves him, and it's okay that he's who he is. She hugged me and we cried together.

I feel thankful (can't believe I'm gonna say this...LOL) that I am married to a gay man. I have so much more compassion and understanding for my son than I would if I were married to a hetero man. I am so much more prepared for this news than someone who has never dealt with homosexuality on a personal level. I really feel that our family is closer right now than ever before. We need each other. We draw strength from each other, and it feels so good.

I know our son will have rough times ahead, but he knows he has somewhere to go when he needs to talk or when he needs a hug. He has people to turn to for support and strength and love. I will always love him and accept him exactly as he is. He is my son.


mandi said...

It's strange, yet not, how these things all tie together and work out. Your son is blessed to have you as a Mom. I may be turning to you in about 10 years for advice with my own son.

Hidden said...

Yeah, your son is SO lucky. I wish I had a mom who could understand and show love the way you do. That's awesome.

Slystare said...

Your words are really beautiful, the world should be full with people like you!! You're a great mom supporting your son in all this tough and difficult process.

Rob said...

If all parents were like you, none of this angst would even occur to anyone. It would be "My son's gay. So what. He's left-handed too. So what." No tears, no "tough and difficult process." Just a shrug of the shoulder and noting the data point. That's how it should be everywhere, all the time. God willing, that time's not too far off.

Summer said...

I'm finding so much support on these blogs. This is a fear of mine since my husband came out last month to me. At this point I'm looking for support and understanding and grateful to be actually finding it with faithful people who are trying to support the needs of their familities. Wish you all the best and hope to see future posts!

Summer said...
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